Welding reinforcement



In Armabalt production we use only modern metal dressing, metalworking technologies and materials.
According to customers' drawings we welding various production of concrete reinforcement:
  • reinforcing carcasses,
  • reinforcing frameworks,
  • wire mesh,
  • inserts,
  • anchors,
  • other metal constructions.


Three dimensional frames (carcasses) – round, square, rectangular forms – welding in semiautomatic carbonated environment. Products can be to 6000 mm length, 1000 mm volume, reinforcement bars diameter – in accordance with existing standards and building construction standards in force in the European Union.

, standard width and bars step of reinforcing carcasses are one of the best-selling products of Armabalt for its price and quality. Reinforcing carcasses for reinforcement of concrete structures are produced with contact welding techniques.

Reinforcing bars thickness:
steel wire – 5mm, reinforcing bars – 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18mm.
Different grid bars step: from 50 to 1000mm. Carcasses dimensions: to 6000mm width and to 6000mm length.
According to customers' drawings and can produce different measurements of reinforcement grids.
Plane carcass welding possibilities

Frame overall length L, mm ​min. 700
max. 6000
Longitudinal reinforcement central distance b, mm min 50
max 400
Transverse reinforcement overall length B, mm min 70
max 450
Reinforcement diameter D, mm min 6
max 18
Transverse reinforcement diameter s, mm min 5
max 12
Transverse reinforcement step z, mm min 50
max 1000
Distance f, mm min 25
max 500
Distance e, mm min 0
max 500





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