Straightening reinforcement



In industrial platform of company we offer unwinding, straightening and any length cutting services which guarantee quality of straight steel products (reinforcement, wire steel). Wire and reinforcement reels are unwinding with automatic machine (roller conveyors), we used equipment for bars clean-up of accumulated waste:
  • reinforcement broach, straightening when they rotating and assembly
  • bars straightening to 14 meters with automatic complex of high productivity
  • received reinforcement bars guaranteed longitudinal torsional and any deformation.
  • overall mechanical metal properties preservation and produced high quality bars


With straightening and cutting machine may be cut according to client from 0,6 to14 m length.
Straighten bar quality complies with the requirements of metal manufacturer's quality. After straightening bars haven't longitudinal torsional and reinforcement surface deformations. Mechanical properties of straighten metal remain unchanged, guarantees high quality of bars. Not returned losses accounted 1,5 – 2%.
According to customers' data the various thickness reinforcement (3-16mm) for concrete reinforcing are straightening and cut to length, which may be purchased from suppliers and clients delivered to our production department.



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