Sheet sections and details

Armabalt produce details of structural steel, especially precisely cutting in plasma medium. In cutting details are precisely formed holes using plasma technique. With machines PVP-9032 we technologically perform the following operations:

  • cutting various thickness metal sheet,
  • produce constructive metal profile details, cutting them on various angles,
  • cutting on various angles square, rectangular tubes,
  • precisely formed specific dimensions various diameter holes.

Technical possibilities:
  • Maximum size of preparation – 2000 x 4000 mm
  • Maximum thickness of material – 20 mm
  • Cutting speed – from 1 to12000 mm/min.
  • Cutting accuracy – ± 0,2 mm
  • Positioning accuracies – ± 0,1 mm.

Inserts – are produced from metal elements, which most important is sheet steel, steel angles, steel strip, reinforcement bar. We can say that the concrete and metal attachment fittings - production of inserts guarantees for "Armabalt" a lot of regular customers. Anchors elements production to order – it's a key of successfully cooperation with many regular clients.
In our company are produced inserts (clamp) as a whole is for reliable connecting of monolithic concrete structures. These inserts are important element of modern construction, which connect concrete constructions with each other, also it can be used for connecting constructive metal and concrete.


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